Why Use Simpletech

Your Business Partner for life!

SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. is engineered to create cost effective, modern computer systems. We have found that most IT companies create complicated non-secure networks. These IT companies leave the client with no information or instruction on the computer setup. This has left most small businesses held hostage to their IT Company. Upon interveiwing new client business I have found that 95% of the time there is no information regarding the setup of their computer or network system. So how does SIMPLETECH fix that?

SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. believes that your computer system is your property and you have a right to all the information that makes up that system. We make sure that every client has a print out of all the ISP info, router setup, server setup, network diagram, plus all usernames and passwords. We want to make sure that our clients feel confident that their computer setup is secure by giving them the instructions to monitor that safety along the same tools that SIMPLETECH has.

Our clients are our future and we have a responsibility to make sure their business run efficiently with confidence.